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Impact of Estate Tax Reform on Multinational Families

  Tax reform bills are currently making their way through the House of Representatives and Senate that could result in the most comprehensive tax reform in decades. Instead of immediately repealing the estate and generation skipping transfer taxes, the House bill would phase them out over the next six years. This would start by doubling the current, inflation-adjusted $5 million […]

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IRS Announces Relief for Victims of Hurricane Irma

WASHINGTON –– Hurricane Irma victims in parts of Florida and elsewhere have until Jan. 31, 2018, to file certain individual and business tax returns and make certain tax payments, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. Today’s relief parallels that granted last month to victims of Hurricane Harvey. This includes an additional filing extension for taxpayers with valid extensions that run […]

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Desayuno con CABA: Tax & Estate Planning for Wealthy Foreigners

  Join Eduardo Arista at Desayuno con CABA (Cuban American Bar Association) and learn how to navigate through complex tax and trust law in order to help your wealthy, foreign clients plan ahead and determine what can and should be done to maximize legal advantage and minimize tax prior to establishing tax residency and/or transferring wealth to a family member […]

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Moving Your Trust to the United States, But to Where?

  Ed Arista moderated a panel on “Moving Your Trust to the U.S., But to Where?” with expert panelists from Florida, Delaware and South Dakota at the STEP Miami Summit. Click here to learn more about the benefits of U.S. Trusts for Foreigners, including: What is a Hybrid Trust? Privacy Benefits Tax Benefits Estate Planning Benefits Technical Considerations and Practical Consequences Other […]

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Miami Marlins Pro Bono Event Sponsored by Arista Law & Tax

Arista Law & Tax is proud to announce our Diamond Sponsorship of the Cuban-American Bar Association (“CABA”) Second Annual Night with the Miami Marlins. This event was created in support of the CABA Pro Bono Project whose mission is to provide legal assistance to indigent Spanish-speaking people who otherwise would not have access to lawyers and the courts. Click here for more information.   Recommend […]

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New Earlier U.S. Tax Filing Deadlines

Who has exposure to the U.S. tax authority? Personal income tax returns are due April 18 for US tax residents and anyone else with U.S. source income, except certain taxpayers living abroad have until June 15.  US tax residents include citizens and permanent residents (i.e. “green card” holders), regardless of their circumstances or other nationality, as well as persons who […]

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Will Trump close the IRS International Tax Amnesty?

The IRS recently announced its offshore efforts over the last few years have collected over $10 billion and brought over 100,000 taxpayers back into compliance for not reporting their involvement with foreign income, bank accounts, trusts and companies.  It is also interesting to note how these numbers break down between the two major amnesty initiatives: 1. The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure […]

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14th Annual Goodwill Gathering of Attorneys & Certified Public Accountants

Click here to RSVP for the 14th Annual Goodwill Gathering of Attorneys & CPAs. Click here to RSVP for the 14th Annual Goodwill Gathering of Attorneys & CPAs. Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

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Benefits of U.S. Trusts for Foreigners

What is a Hybrid Trust?   Trusts in general are legal entities that combine aspects of corporations, contracts and a last will and testament. The settlor (founder or creator of the trust) signs a legal document appointing a trustee (administrator) and outlining the trustee’s powers, while reserving some powers for the settlor.  The Trust document also stipulates who are the […]

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List of Countries Currently Eligible to Automatically Receive 2014 Account Information from the U.S. Pursuant to FATCA

The IRS has already begun receiving information regarding tax year 2014 from countries around the world who have agreed to comply with FATCA.  Some of those countries negotiated reciprocal agreements to also receive information from the US regarding their taxpayers with U.S. accounts.  In Latin America, these countries include Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Portugal and Spain.  Prior to […]

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