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Preserving your wealth is a continuing challenge. We can help you meet this challenge by creating legal strongholds to conserve your wealth. Click here to see our wealth preservation methodology.

Asset Protection

Our legal asset protection methodology consists of identifying and implementing the strongest legal structures for each component of your wealth according to your personal and business goals and limitations, as well as financial, tax and estate planning considerations. During tough times like these, we also help over-leveraged clients understand what legal rights they have to salvage their wealth. Learn More →

Wills, Trusts & Estates

We can design a plan that details how your business and other assets are to be managed and to whom and under what conditions they are to be distributed after you and/or your spouse passes away or loses capacity, while eliminating or reducing any estate taxes to the legal minimum. Learn More →

Resolving Tax Non-Compliance

Tax authorities are exchanging more and more information every day, including many “offshore” jurisdictions. U.S. citizens and tax residents who have accidentally or intentionally failed to report income, bank accounts, corporations, trusts or other assets outside the U.S. are increasingly at risk of being detected, penalized and in some cases even incarcerated. When given the opportunity, we prefer to help our clients proactively arrange their affairs to avoid tax and legal exposure.  For those who are not in compliance and are ready to come clean, we can establish attorney-client privilege and help them understand and resolve their non-compliance with minimal taxation, penalties and criminal exposure. Learn More →

Real Estate

We are fully equipped to provide maximum legal advantage with respect to all sorts of real estate transactions. As an approved title insurance agent we also handle routine home purchases, sales, and closings. Don’t trust your next real estate transaction to someone who is not your lawyer or who can’t understand how the deal fits with your overall legal business or personal wealth planning. Learn More →

Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate

With advanced legal planning, foreign real estate investors can still minimize some U.S. tax consequences of their investments using certain legal structures. For those currently owning U.S. real estate in their individual names (or through an LLC) you should move quickly and transfer title of these real property investments to legal structures that will reduce legal risks and avoid unnecessary taxation. Learn More →

Tax and Estate Planning for Multinational Families


A myriad of complex tax laws determine when a foreigner becomes a “tax resident” for income tax purposes, thus subjecting their worldwide income to U.S. income taxation.Our methodology is used to navigate through these complex tax laws in order to help clients plan ahead and determine what can and should be done to maximize legal advantage, minimize tax and manage risk prior to establishing tax residency and/or transferring wealth to a family member who already is a tax resident. Learn More →


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