Real Estate

Our clients count on us as their first point of contact whenever they are buying, selling, refinancing, leasing, foreclosing or developing commercial or residential real estate. We have experience representing developers, homeowners, foreign investors, lenders, real estate professionals, construction companies, architects, engineers, management companies and condominium/homeowner associations.


  • Purchasing or selling residential and commercial real property
  • Obtaining and restructuring mortgage financing
  • Soliciting investment in real estate projects
  • Minimizing the tax impact of selling and operating real estate
  • Forming and converting property to condominium ownership
  • Representing foreign investors
  • Structuring “1031” tax deferred like-kind exchanges


  • Forming business entities as real estate investment vehicles
  • Negotiating and executing agreements between owners
  • Preparing and reviewing lease agreements
  • Representing condominium and homeowners’ associations
  • Limiting owner liability

For Property Owners

  • Pursuing Quiet Title Actions
  • Inbound Income and Estate Tax Planning for Foreign Owners
  • Prosecuting / Defending Evictions
  • Negotiating Lease Modifications
  • Rent Collection
  • Drafting and Negotiating Property Management Agreements
  • Construction Lien Foreclosure and Lien Defenses
  • Breach of Construction Agreements

For Buyers/Sellers

  • Pursuing Title Insurance Claims
  • Providing Closing Services, Title & Lien Searches, Issuing Title   Policies
  • Suing to Enforce / Rescind Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Completing Tax Deferred Like-Kind Exchanges (1031 Transactions)
  • Structuring Family and Corporate Real Estate Portfolios to Minimize Owner Liability and Reduce Legal Exposure between Properties.
  • Drafting and Negotiating Partnership and LLC Operating Agreements
  • Analyzing the Income, Property, Estate and Documentary Tax Considerations of a Prospective Purchase or Sale.
  • Inbound Income and Estate Tax Planning for Prospective Foreign Purchasers of U.S. Real Estate
  • Handling Disputes For/Against Minority Partners.
  • Formation and Dissolution of Single Asset Entities, such as Corporations, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies, Etc.

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our primary goal is to help you avoid disputes before they begin or end them prior to litigation. If litigation cannot be avoided, we are equipped to represent you from making the initial demand to settlement negotiation to trial and all the way through the appellate system.

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