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Brazil and U.S. Sign Reciprocal, Automatic Tax Information Exchange Agreement

The IRS and the Brazilian tax authorities will soon begin collecting and exchanging information with respect to certain types of investments to facilitate tax enforcement in both countries.  Brazil actually agreed earlier in principle, but delayed signing the protocol until just recently for political reasons.  Starting next year, 2014 tax information will be exchanged automatically and includes the names and […]

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Applying for the Florida Homestead Exemption Can Trigger U.S. Tax Residency

Florida Homeowners have until March 1 to apply for the Homestead Exemption on Form DR-501 to exempt about $75,000 of the value of their home from property taxes. However, recent immigrants or “temporary” residents with assets outside the U.S. should carefully weigh their options before applying.

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Swiss Bank Prosecuted Using Growing IRS Database of Offshore Information

This prosecution is an example of how the U.S. government is using its expanding database of information collected from whistleblowers, foreign governments, advisors, banks and over 30,000 U.S. taxpayers who have already come clean.

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So You Have Unreported Foreign Bank Accounts & Income, Now What?

With limited exceptions, every American citizen, permanent resident and even residents for tax purposes with direct or indirect ownership or control over a foreign financial account must report those accounts on Treasury Department form TD F 90-22.1, more commonly known as the FBAR [Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report].

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Independent Contractor or Employee?

If your business uses independent contractors as part of its work force, then depending on the circumstances, the IRS might reclassify these workers as employees. Such a reclassification could expose your business to employment taxes and penalties.

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Unpaid Payroll Taxes Can Result in Personal Liability

Times are tough, but small business owners should think twice before deciding not to make that next payroll tax deposit. Did you know there is personal and even criminal exposure for not making timely payroll tax deposits? Moreover, a portion of the tax is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

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