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Life Insurance Proceeds can be Taxed up to 40% if not Structured Properly

Life Insurance is an excellent, asset-protected tool for estate planning. For example, if your estate will contain substantial “hard” assets, such as business interests or real estate, the cash proceeds of a life insurance policy can allow your heirs to pay your estate taxes without having to liquidate any assets. And your beneficiaries can receive the proceeds of your life insurance policy tax free.

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Buy-Sell Agreements: Protect Your Ownership Interest in the Event of Death

Business owners often have concerns over what would happen to their ownership interests when an owner dies. Some of these concerns include whether the owner’s descendants will inherit economic interests, voting rights or both. These concerns can be dealt with by entering into a properly drafted Buy-Sell Agreement that can be included in or be separate from an operating, partnership […]

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Life Insurance Beneficiaries

The person(s) you designated as beneficiaries of your life insurance policies get paid when you die, typically your spouse and children. However, by making the policy payable directly to a carefully drafted trust you can ensure the money is protected from their creditors, poor spending decisions, and the influence of others who may express a sudden interest in “helping” them… […]

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In Case of Incapacity

Life insurance is usually a “no brainer”, but Americans are 5 times more likely to become disabled than to die prematurely. Attorneys can help address how things are handled and who is in charge of what in the case of incapacity by going beyond a simple will. However, you still need a good financial advisor to help you get the […]

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