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If you are looking for a lawyer for your business, you have come to the right place. Our financial and executive experience help us better understand your business strategy and deliver practical, results-driven and goal-oriented legal advice. Numerous family and closely-held business count on us to serve as general counsel for a diverse number of matters involving all types of business transactions and in resolving disputes. The following are some of the areas where we typically add value to our business clients:

Resolving Tax Non-Compliance

Tax authorities are exchanging more and more information every day, including many “offshore” jurisdictions. U.S. citizens and tax residents who have accidentally or intentionally failed to report income, bank accounts, corporations, trusts or other assets outside the U.S. are increasingly at risk of being detected, penalized and in some cases even incarcerated. When given the opportunity, we prefer to help our clients proactively arrange their affairs to avoid tax and legal exposure.  For those who are not in compliance and are ready to come clean, we can establish attorney-client privilege and help them understand and resolve their non-compliance with minimal taxation, penalties and criminal exposure. Learn More →

Real Estate

We are the first point of contact for our customers for purchases, refinances, leasing, foreclosures or commercial or residential real estate development. We have experience representing developers, homeowners, foreign investors, lenders, real estate professionals, construction companies, architects,  engineers, condominium management companies and homeowners associations. Learn More →

Corporate & Business

Forming, restructuring and dissolving all types of business entities. Buying and selling businesses and real estate. Drafting and negotiating legal agreement and resolving commercial partnership and real property disputes. Whatever the legal challenge or opportunity, business and real estate property owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and in-house counsel count on us to get the job done. Learn More →

IRS Disputes

For businesses that are not in compliance or already are the target of the IRS, we stand ready to defend the business and any insiders with personal liability. Learn More →

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