Corporate & Business

Business Transactions

  • Entering into or formalizing an agreement with another business or individual
  • Buying another business
  • Selling your business or part of it
  • Forming a subsidiary or other related company
  • Raising investment capital or borrowing money
  • Establishing a business presence in the USA for foreign companies or individuals
  • Merging or liquidating a business
  • Forging a Joint Venture
  • Executing non-disclosure agreements
  • Preparing letters of intent and term sheets
  • Performing legal due diligence on corporate targets and prospective partners

LLC/Corporate Ownership & Governance

  • Forming corporations and limited liability companies in almost any jurisdiction
  • Limiting owner liability for business obligations
  • Structuring buy/sell, profit sharing and other agreements between owners
  • Implementing agreements between owners and management
  • Planning to keep a business in the family and minimize estate taxes upon a transition
  • Preparing internal documentation to maintain proper corporate formalities
  • Liquidating and dissolving a corporation or limited liability company|
  • Assistance in conducting shareholder meetings
  • Dealing with dissenting shareholders
  • Assistance in planning and conducting board meetings


  • Hiring a key employee
  • Terminating an employee
  • Developing formal employment policies and procedures
  • Implementing pension plans, fringe benefits plans and equity compensation plans (e.g. stock options)
  • Preparing for the possible loss of a key employee
  • Executing and enforcing non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
  • Structuring executive compensation packages

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our primary goal is to help you avoid disputes before they begin or end them prior to litigation. If litigation cannot be avoided, we are equipped to represent you from making the initial demand to settlement negotiation to trial and all the way through the appellate system.

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