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Arista Law Client Service Questionnaire

For each of the following statements about our firm, please indicate whether you: Very Much Agree (5); Somewhat Agree (4); Neither Agree or Disagree (3); Somewhat Disagree (2); Very Much Disagree (1).

Makes me feel as if I am a valued client

Is accessible

Communications are clear

Keeps me sufficiently informed

Listens well

Provides adequate turnaround

Lets me know in advance what “next steps” are in the process

Provides good explanations of what has been done and why

Involves me throughout the major points in the process

Has a good understanding of my needs/business

Thorough in approach to work

Shows creativity in proposed solutions

Helpful in redefining view of the situation

Helpful in diagnosing the causes of problem areas

Keeps proposed deadlines

Documents work activities well

Deals with problems openly and quickly

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