For Professionals

Relationships Built on Trust

We are proud to say that virtually all of our clients have been referred by other professionals. This is not just because of our thought leadership in the field or the quality of our work. We actually take the time to involve our clients’ trusted advisors in the legal planning process, because we believe that is the only way to achieve the optimal outcome for their client.

Whether our first engagement is related to your client’s business or their personal wealth planning, in most cases our involvement eventually covers all legal aspects of the creation, preservation and eventual transfer of wealth. As such, our mission is to deliver the highest quality legal services that create life-long relationships with our clients as a key member of their professional team.

It is also important to note that, as a law firm, we do not give any financial advice. Instead, we utilize our accounting and financial backgrounds to work closely and more effectively with you when formulating tax and legal advice or implementing legal strategies, as well as to proactively identify opportunities where you might add value to your client. Similarly, any request your client might make for non-tax or legal services should always be routed back to you.

Technical Support When You Need It

Between engagements, we serve as a resource to other professionals who routinely encounter legal and tax issues, such as CPAs, bankers and financial advisors. We are always happy to be a sounding board when legal issues arise. Building on our extensive track record of speaking at continuing education seminars, we are often invited to conduct custom, in-house seminars for banks and accounting and law firms, and we host our own “lunch & learn” sessions on various topics from time to time.

Practice Aids and Educational Opportunities

Please contact us to register for free technical tools and resources for professionals, such as our popular “Choice of Entity Matrix” that shows some major differences between Corporations, S-Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships, and our most recent copy of the “Ten Legal Issues to Raise with your Clients” that they will either be eternally grateful you asked or eventually wonder why you never alerted them. You will also receive invitations to our exclusive seminars, private workshops and networking events with other professionals serving high net worth clients. Click here to register.