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Your Family Deserves a Trust

As the saying goes, one should hope for the best but plan for the worst. Some of our clients come to us asking for a “simple will”, because they want to leave “everything to their spouse and then to their children equally” and they hope for the best. Our job is to plan for other possibilities and that means recognizing that death may not be the worst case scenario.

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I Just Need a Simple Will…

Friends, this just is not ever the case. We love simple and elegant solutions to complex problems as much as anyone, but the cold, hard truth is that no mere Last Will & Testament can provide for all the legal and financial challenges our loved ones will face upon our death or incapacity.

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Legal Checklist for Parents

It’s that time of year again. Vacation time is over and the kids are going back to school. You’ve done all sorts of things to prepare them for their first day and fought the traffic to get them there on time. They walk away with lunchbox in hand, barely realizing they are entirely dependent on you for everything they have.

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Life Insurance Beneficiaries

The person(s) you designated as beneficiaries of your life insurance policies get paid when you die, typically your spouse and children. However, by making the policy payable directly to a carefully drafted trust you can ensure the money is protected from their creditors, poor spending decisions, and the influence of others who may express a sudden interest in “helping” them…

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In Case of Incapacity

Life insurance is usually a “no brainer”, but Americans are 5 times more likely to become disabled than to die prematurely. Attorneys can help address how things are handled and who is in charge of what in the case of incapacity by going beyond a simple will. However, you still need a good financial advisor to help you get the […]

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Power of Attorney & Incapacity

Up until October 1, you could give someone a Power of Attorney to manage your affairs on the condition that they could not use it unless you lost capacity. Under the new law, such a condition renders the entire document invalid. This condition was so popular that many templates included it by default. Just another trap for the “do it […]

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